November 07, 2022

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Phở - the iconic dish honored as the “national spirit of the country”, representing the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine. It is straightforward to encounter Pho around Vietnam.
Hot Stone Bowl Of Pho
From time to time, although many variations of Pho have appeared to make this special dish diverse and attractive, Pho has always kept its traditional flavor, bearing the typical Vietnamese soul. Among the unique world of Pho such as stir-fried Pho, rolled-up beef Pho, and fried Pho..., the hot stone bowl of Pho stands out by its elaborate and distinct processing that gourmets should not miss when discovering Vietnamese cuisine.


Hot Stone Bowl Of Pho Monty
There are plenty of complicated stages to cooking a scrumptious Pho served in hot stone bowls. Specifically, the quintessential water is simmered from ginseng and beef bones for over 8 hours, seasoned with cinnamon and star anise, cloves, etc., which are rich in nutritional value and much more aromatics to stimulate the sense of smell. Additionally, the soft and chewy rice noodles, the fresh beef, the sweet pho broth, and the faint aroma of herbs are all placed on separate dishes. What makes the unique way of eating the hot stone bowl of Pho is that diners will manually pour their favorite ingredients into the hot stone bowl and enjoy it in their own way. Furthermore, the hot stone bowl of Pho is also served with black sauce, chili sauce, lime, thinly sliced ​​onions soaked in vinegar, bean sprouts, basil, coriander, and other herbs… Strikingly, Pho is served in hot stone bowls which are eye-catching and irresistible. All make up a whole sweet and sour, so it's appetizing and morish for a full and mouth-watering meal to the last piece of Pho.


Experience in Hot Stone Bowl Of Pho
In order to get the best fitness and performance for your quality game, in addition to practicing great golf technique, it is necessary for nourishing meals. 
Enjoying a hot stone bowl of Pho at Birdie Restaurant located in the heart of Montgomerie Links is always the preferred choice of most golfers before and after immersing themselves in 18 holes. Under any weather, tasting Pho with broth simmering in a stone bowl, a blend of pho broth, rice noodles, and rich toppings is a great warm-up for their game. Ready to charge up for the perfect swing with the hot stone bowl of Pho? Let's enjoy it at our Restaurant!
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Montgomerie Links Vietnam, one of the projects in Mai House Hoi An Hotel & Resort, is the first golf club in Quang Nam Province – Da Nang, with an outstanding design of 18 holes by Colin Montgomerie.  The five–star Mai House Hotel & Resorts is invested in and constructed by TBS Land. “Mai house with love” is a message we would love to bring to all the guests warmly caring and the loving journey that leads to memorable delights. Every corner of the hotel and resort is taken carefully by the designers and constructors. To make sure everyone feels at their home.

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is a story of the full moon, carved from cakes filled with the flavor of reunion. The luxurious and meaningful moon cake collection can be seen as heartfelt Mid-Autumn Festival greetings blending traditional and modern elements. From the sweet things that have long been forgotten, now we have the occasion to give each other presents to strengthen the bond. All these precious things are delicately crafted in a unique mooncake collection of Mai House Saigon Hotel named "Dạ Nguyệt Viên Mãn".

Montgomerie Links Golf Club is honored to be nominated for the title of “Vietnam's Best Golf Course” in the 2023 World Golf Awards. It can be seen as one of the most prestigious awards in the golf tourism industry. The Club made it in 2018.

It is our pleasure to welcome golfer Le Khanh Hung, who won the first gold medal for Vietnam's Golf team at the 32nd SEA Games, and his family to experience the premier leisure and golf destination at Montgomerie Links. He always makes an impression with the image of young talent with a strong passion for golf, always cheerful and friendly.

Recently, personnel representatives of the Golf Operations department at Montgomerie Links Golf Club have completed their R&A Rules School Level 2 certificate after 2 days of studying at Long Bien golf course, Hanoi. Noticeably, Ms. Luu Thi Be was in the Top 5 best students of the course with a total score of 85.

Hole 5 at Montgomerie Links Golf Club - The player feedback on this hole is that it can much more difficult than its length suggests.

June 24, 2023

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Following the success of "Quang Nam - The Touch of Summer" 2022, within the framework of the press conference "Quang Nam - The Touch of Summer" 2023 which was held on the afternoon of June 22 in Hoi An ancient town.

Da Nang is facing the shocking heat. When it comes to an outdoor sport like golf, how do golfers both satisfy their passion and stay healthy on the golf course?  Let's take a look top 5 great ways to avoid heat shock when playing golf this summer.

Taking place at 4 pm on June 10, 2023, at Montgomerie Links Golf Club, let's enjoy 30 unique dishes in an outdoor space at the heart of a golf course, immerse in the vibrant ambiance of fireworks, and live in the live band. Grill to Chill is truly an irresistibly delicious buffet and draft beer for those who are food lovers. Especially, a 10% discount for groups registering from 10 people before May 25, 2023.

Last Sunday, May 7, 2023, the workshop "Weaving Sunshine - Embroidering Flower" at Montgomerie Links took place successfully with full of emotions and memorable moments. 

Summer knocking on the door makes the sun warmer than ever. Let's join with Montgomerie Links Golf Club and Yen Studio to immerse yourself in a cozy space with fragrant tea and embroidery stories on a weekend morning filled with simple joy.

After the success of the Scent from Nature Candle Workshop, in the extravagant space of the Bistro Restaurant at Montgomerie Links Hotel & Villas restaurant, the canvas painting workshop continued to receive enthusiastic responses from participants on the morning of April 26, 2023.

Da Nang is in the first days of summer, bringing a little sunshine and blooming flowers. In the hustle and bustle of daily life,  let's spend your weekend morning immersing yourself in the natural space with colors and brush strokes, and hand-paint a "Summer Breeze".

March 22, 2023

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Montgomerie Links Golf Club is proud to be the first golf course on the Central Coast of Vietnam to put SmartScore into operation from the end of 2022.

January 18, 2023

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December 20, 2022

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Montgomerie Links Golf Club would like to wish all the best during this joyful festive season to welcome a greater new year 2023. Thanks for choosing us and putting your trust in our service since it is our pride and the greatest success.

Goodbye to the uplifting old year and Welcome to a breakthrough new year! It is not purely an ordinary party, it is a fresh, unique, and impressive year-end one on the stunning fairways at Montgomerie Links. With an area of ​​more than 2 hectares of outdoor green grass space and indoor event venues, Montgomerie Links can satisfy all year-end party needs on a large or small scale.

August 30, 2022

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June 01, 2022

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"Quang Nam - The Touch of Summer" - one of the six most unique projects in the program of the National Tourism Year - Quang Nam 2022 with many outstanding and attractive activities and events.