March 22, 2023

Posted by My Ly

Montgomerie Links Golf Club is proud to be the first golf course on the Central Coast of Vietnam to put SmartScore into operation from the end of 2022.


SmartScore is a system that provides management solutions for golf courses and a platform for golfers from online to offline. Born in Korea and gradually dominating the Vietnamese market, with the outstanding proliferation of technology, SmartScore is continuing to assert itself as an effective assistant, helping players to be on the game.
With the desire to always grant the best experience to our valued guests, and update the latest technology, Montgomerie Links Golf Club is proud to be the first golf course on the Central Coast of Vietnam to put SmartScore into operation from the end of 2022. Our golf carts now have new functions of technology, convenience, and value for golfers to experience. 



In addition to recording the score with paper, currently, golfers are able to use SmartScore to quickly and easily enter scores via tablet after each round of golf. After finished 18 holes, they can upload their scores on Smartscore app on the phone to save for themselves or even share with thecommunity of Smartscore users.


Each flight often consists of 4 players. With real-time technology, the synchronizing of scores of players on 2 different carts makes it easy for them to observe the scores of remaining 3 members via the tablet. It leads to build up their own strategies to complete the best rounds.


With the feature of GPS Layout, holes are demonstrated visually and vividly. Strikingly, by moving the position of the golf ball or the plus on the screen, golfers easily estimate the distance from the cart to the hole, the location of golf carts in front & back and between two specific points, which therefore actives in each stroke.


One of the most outstanding and supportive features for players when participating in golf tournaments is Live Score. They are able to completely track scores that are constantly updated on the tablet, including total score, longest, and nearest. With the valuable score statistics on Live Score, they can calculate and consider each round of golf to finish with the best score. Exciting score chases in tournaments will truly become more interesting with the presence of Live Score on SmartScore.


At the end of each round of golf, players print their scorecards at printers located in the Clubhouse lobby and reception area. In addition, the check-in photos at the captivating fairways at Montgomerie Links Golf Club or images on their phones can be printed on the scorecard in just a few seconds.
Hope all of you have a good game ahead!

Montgomerie Links Vietnam, one of the projects in Mai House Hoi An Hotel & Resort, is the first golf club in Quang Nam Province – Da Nang, with an outstanding design of 18 holes by Colin Montgomerie.  The five–star Mai House Hotel & Resorts is invested in and constructed by TBS Land. “Mai house with love” is a message we would love to bring to all the guests a warmly caring and loving journey that leads to memorable delights. Every corner of the hotel and resort is taken carefully by the designers and constructors. To make sure everyone feels at their home.

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