January 30, 2023

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Restarting after the pandemic, goodbye to 2022 with the memorable milestones by Summer Classic 2022 on May 21st, 2022; Club Championship 2022 on September 17th, 2022, and many golf tournaments from large scale to small ones.  In the moment of transition between the old year and the New Year, the year of the Cat 2023, Montgomerie Links Golf Club promises to break out with significant changes in the ultimate sport with exciting golf tournaments taking place constantly throughout the whole year. Strikingly, there are 3 main golf tournaments scheduled to be held in March, May, and September, granting a golden opportunity for professional and amateur golfers to exchange and interact with each other.



The Open Masters Tournament officially will return in 2023 and is scheduled to be held on March 26, 2023, after a 1-year absence. 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the Open Masters Tournament since 2013. It would have been remiss not to celebrate the occasion with an awesome golf tournament with spectacular swings from golfers within the country and abroad.
Open Master Tournament 2021 - Montgomerie Links Golf Club


Summer is seen as the season of vibrant festivals, and unique events, and the best time to sightsee the scenery on the gorgeous fairways. In Da Nang city and Quang Nam province, the combination of the blue sea, the golden sunshine, and the fresh ambiance, Summer Classic 2023 at Montgomerie Links Golf Club will be a highly-anticipated golf tournament for golfers. The Summer Classic tournament is one of the major events and the annual tournament in Summertime that the Club has continuously organized over the years. In 2023, Summer Classic 2023 is offering a fantastic opportunity for the local golf community to meet and compete with a sporty spirit. The event is anticipated to be organized on May 7th, 2023.


Club Championship is always considered the most expected golf tournament every September at Montgomerie Links Golf Club. Therefore, in this stunning year, the 13th Club Championship continues to be hoped to be a noteworthy event. Looking back at the formula for the success of Club Championship since 2010, it is impossible not to mention not only the professionalism and continuous improvement that comes from the event department but also the enthusiasm of the participants. Both of them are of paramount importance to the annual events. So, with the desire to create the best quality tournaments for golfers, Montgomerie Links Golf Club believes that Club Championship 2023 will be the most attractive tournament of the year for all golfers.


It is planned to have 132 golfers for each golf tournament. To encourage the connection, players shall be able to compete in separate divisions A, B, and C for Members and divisions A, B, and Ladies for Guests. 


There are a number of expected prizes in 3 biggest golf tournaments in 2023 at Montgomerie Links Golf Club, including:
Main Prizes:
  • 01 prize of Best Gross.
  • 01 prize of  Best Net.
Member Division:
  • 03 Winner prizes of 3 A, B, and C divisions.
  • 03 1st Runner-up prizes of 3 A, B, and C divisions.
  • 03 2nd Runner-up prizes of 3 A, B, and C divisions.
Guest Division:
  • 03 Winner prizes of 3 A, B, and Ladies divisions.
  • 03 1st Runner-up prizes of 3 A, B, and Ladies divisions.
  • 03 2nd Runner-up prizes of 3 A, B, and Ladies divisions.
Novelty Prizes:
  • 04 prizes of Nearest The Pin.
  • 02 prizes of Longest The Drive
  • Maximum 04 prizes of Hole In One.
To provide a fair and unified competition for all golfers, competitors are obliged to start from the blue tee for males, the red tee for females, the white tee for kids under16 years old and seniors over 65 years old; Handicap certificate is verified by Clubs or e-platforms with Handicap management.


The success of each tournament is marked by a series of community projects called "Green Hope". Through projects, Montgomerie Links Golf Club hopes to continue the journey of spreading love to the community and putting our hands together to develop the community. Typically the Green Junko project - installing drinking water filtration systems and restroom improvement at Junko Primary School in Dien Phuoc, Quang Nam Province. Green Hope - raised funds up to 135,000,000 VND for children at the Disabled Children Health Care Center in Dien Ban District and connection activities such as giving Tet gifts to neighboring residents of Viem Dong Hamlet, Dien Ban District. And Green Hope - raised almost 200,000,000 VND for the "Heart surgery fund for the poor". In the Year of the Cat 2023, the messages for the community will be sure to continue to be replicated in golf tournaments and events held at Montgomerie Links Golf Club.

Montgomerie Links Vietnam, one of the projects in Mai House Hoi An Hotel & Resort, is the first golf club in Quang Nam Province – Da Nang, with an outstanding design of 18 holes by Colin Montgomerie.  The five–star Mai House Hotel & Resorts is invested in and constructed by TBS Land. “Mai house with love” is a message we would love to bring to all the guests a warmly caring and loving journey that leads to memorable delights. Every corner of the hotel and resort is taken carefully by the designers and constructors. To make sure everyone feels at home.

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2024 promises to be a year of promise with hectic activities for the golf community, especially at Montgomerie Links Golf Club, where the two biggest tournaments of the year will take place named Montgomerie Links Masters 2024 and the 14th Club Championships that cannot be missed.

December 12, 2023

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Do you have any plans for this festive season?

December 07, 2023

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Christmas Day is coming! Celebrate the festive season with your loved ones while enjoying a private and cozy dinner with a special set menu designed exclusively at the Bistro restaurant.

On the stunning morning of August 27, 2023, the Club Championships 2023 at Montgomerie Links Golf Club took place extremely great, closing a successful tournament and fading into history with a breakthrough in organizational scale, media explosion, and meaningful messages through the outstanding event Golf Fair 2023. Once again, the golf tournament reflects the spirit and human meaning of the goal of the Club - CSR project named Green Hope 2023 with the total amount of donations, auctions, and profit sharing from booths up to 200 million VND.

"Touch - Try - Get the great discount from 10 famous golf brands - Fitting 1-1 with PGA experts". Come to Montgomerie Links Golf Club to join the exciting Golf Fair that takes place until the end of August 27, 2023.

Club Championships 2023 at Montgomerie Links Golf Club which is an annual golf tournament with meaningful messages will officially take place at 12:15 on August 27, 2023. The tournament is expected from members and guests not only because of the scale of the tournament with 6 divisions and many valuable prizes, a series of special activities from the Golf Fair 2023 held from August 25 to 27. 2023, but also because of the deep humanistic meanings it brings with a CSR project called Green Hope 2023.

The first time in the Central Coast area; 10 well-known global brands; 72 hours of excitement at Golf Fair 2023 with a space of up to 2ha Demo testing new and high-tech golf clubs; more than 1000 quality products in the latest collections with shocking prices. This is a particular highlight in the 13th anniversary of Club Championships at Montgomerie Links Golf Club, which will take place from 8 AM to 8 PM, on August 25 and 26, 2023, and 8 AM to 12 PM on August 27, 2023.

Let's take a look at 10 top-notch golf brands to accompany in 3 days of Golf Fair 2023.

Time: 8 AM - 8 PM, 25 - 27 August 2023
Address: Montgomerie Links Golf Club - Dien Ngoc Ward, Dien Ban Town, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

It has been 12 years since the first edition of the Club Championships was held at Montgomerie Links Golf Club. Since then, the event has become one of the indispensable annual tournament highlights and is associated with valuable and meaningful community connection messages. The Club is immensely proud to announce the return of the 13th Club Championships this year which officially kick off on August 27, 2023. Noticeably, on the 13th anniversary of the tournament, a series of spectacular, attractive, and interesting activities took place throughout three days of August 25, 26, and 27, including Golf Fair 2023, the community project, and networking parties “BBQ & Draft Beer”. The series of events promises to grant a professional golf tournament and a vibrant golf exhibition ambiance to golfers and visitors. It can be seen as a great leap toward Montgomerie Links Golf Club, continuing to affirm our position in the golf industry in the Central area of Vietnam.

Summer's sudden rain couldn't stop "the diners' culinary tour" at Montgomerie Links the previous Saturday, 10.6.2023! 

June 16, 2023

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With the aim of connecting clubs in Da Nang City, the "Da Nang Golf Club Championship" taking place in 2 days 26 - 27/5/2023 is an amazing opportunity for golfers to gather, compete and share experiences. 10 Clubs with nearly 100 golfers competing per day with the audience's support have granted spectacular competitions at Montgomerie Links Golf Club.

April 22, 2023

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Monty Appreciation Day 2023 named "Honor & Bond" closed up on the evening of April 21, 2023, with unforgettable memories at Montgomerie Links Golf Club. Through this event, Montgomerie Links Golf Club would like to express our deep gratitude to nearly 100 Travel Agents who have been long-time partners and achieved the best performance in recent years. 

March 14, 2023

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The candle workshop "Scent from Nature" organized by Montgomerie Links Golf Club and Tadaa - Workshop & Studio took place successfully and left an indelible mark on Sunday, March 5th, 2023 at the space of Bistro restaurant - Montgomerie Links Hotel & Villas.

February 15, 2023

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On March 8th every year we always celebrate International Women’s Day all over the world. It is seen as a day for showing appreciation to all the female figures in our lives. From gorgeous presents to unforgettable experiences and different ways to express gratitude and love, why don't you come to Candle Workshop at Montgomerie Links Golf Club to self-create a unique gift for your beloved ones?

Taking place on a beautiful day of the autumn - October 8th, 2022, the golf tournament "Heart Surgery Fund For The Poor" of the Dear Brothers Golf Association was held with great success on the stunning fairways at Montgomerie Links with a total auction and donation amount of approximately 1 billion VND.

In the cozy atmosphere of the party, the golfers happily joined the Auction and raised up to 197,500,000 dong.

After the success of Montgomerie Links Masters in June, the Club organized the Montgomerie Links Teams Cup to response to the support from its members and the golfers in area.