June 11, 2021

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In this article we will look at some basic drills that will help women golfers achieve more clubhead speed and in turn hit the ball further.

I would like to introduce you to Miss Lim Su Yeon from Korea she is a very powerful hitter of the ball and an excellent player.  Miss Lim will help us demonstrate four practice drills to get more “POWER” in your game

The “WOOSH” drill 

In this drill we turn the Driver upside down and hold shaft by the club head in our right hand (right handed golfers) The first thing you will notice is the club is very light and easy to swing faster with your hands and arms. Ok lets go ahead and hold the club a foot of the ground as shown, make some one armed swings and see if you can make a “WOOSH” sound past the ball, if you can this means that you are building speed in your swing through the ball. If you hear a weaker “WOOSH” before the ball then you are releasing the club to early.




Head Cover Drill 

Most lady golfers that lack distance and struggle build up of speed in their swings. To learn how to accelerate the club through impact to a full balanced finish, practice swinging with your headcover on your driver. The Headcover will add weight to the club and will certainly help you feel the club driving through impact position and on up to a balanced finish. As you can see in the picture you should hold the club about 1 foot of the ground when taking your practice swings.



Baseball Practice swings 

If you are a slicer of the ball and the harder you swing the less the ball goes and the more it slices then you should try to do the following drill when you are at the range or even when you are on the course.

In this series of pictures Miss Lim has the club in a horizontal position and she is swinging it baseball style. The drill gives you the feel of a swing that is more around rather than a classic slicer swing of across the ball. The other great feel of this practice swing drill is you can feel that your forearms and hand rotate going back and also rotate going through, this helps with correct releasing of the club when hitting the ball. 





“Stop the Chicken Wing”

Have you heard the term “Chicken Wing” in golf ? It might be ok after the game in the restaurant but if you suffer from this terrible golf disease you will be well advised to try this drill.

In the first picture Miss Lim demonstrates the Chicken Wing (incorrect position) you can see that after impact her left arm is bent and the back of her left hand is pointing to the sky. There is no release of the club and the hands and it is a weak position with no chance to let the club release!


In the second picture Miss Lim demonstrates a powerful full release of the hands arms and club (correct position). Note that her left arm is extended and that the back of the left hand is turning down to face the ground. It is very clear that she is in a very powerful position and that her club has hit through the impact position and that her body is rotating towards the hole.


I hope that these drills help you in achieving a little more control and little more distance in your golf games.  I would like to say thank you to Miss Lim  for her help in giving us a look at a very good and very powerful swing and I wish her the best of luck in her pursuit of a career in golf.



Good Golfing

Taylor Murphy
Director of Golf
Montgomerie Links

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