October 01, 2021

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 We are open and waiting for you! Here is the information you should know to plan your games. Please read it carefully to avoid any unexpected circumstances.

We are open and waiting for you. Here is the information you should know to plan your games. Please read it carefully to avoid any unexpected circumstances.





Business and service

Open time

Close time



18 hole golf course

5:45 19:00  


Birdies Restaurant

5:15 19:00 Highly recommend take-away order and dining at open air areas
Links Cafe 
6:00 20:30 Highly recommend take-away order and dining at open air areas


Driving Range & Academy

5:30 20:30  


Hotel & Villas

All day

Receptionist is available from 8:00 - 21:00


Reservation call center

5:15 AM

8:30 PM



Sales office

8:00 AM

4:30 PM





We are open for all guests and members. However, there may be some special cases that we need to request our guests to provide us with the Test result for SAR-COV-2. It will only be required when we carefully consider based on safe reasons. For inbound tourist (oversea traveller) please inform us before you visit to make sure we always provide you the best advice. 




All people travelling domestically or visiting to any public places in the area are requested to submit the Health Claim for their travelling history and health status. The information is used for the pandemic prevention supporting purposes. There’s no exception at our Club, Members and Guests are requested to submit Health Claim form as following instruction:


  • For Health Stations on the street (especially at the boundaries between to cities or areas), you can choose to submit the Health Claim through several trusted APPs by your smartphone or by the paper form at the station. We recommend you to use: Danang Smart City App, PC Covid or www.tokhaiyte.com for the most convenience at their records  can be verified by the departments at our area.
  • For visiting our Club and Hotels, please scan our destination QR code that you may find easily around Clubhouse, this will help you save our place to your visited list through PC Covid Application. This scanning is requested for EACH time you visit the Club. 
  • Make sure to go and  back on a claimed route, limit contact with the local community and strictly follow the 5K rule (Face mask - Avoid crowded - Keep Distance - Disinfection - Health Claim).
  • Make honest Health Claim and always be aware of epidemic prevention, coordinate with local health station you may see on the way.




We strike every day to ensure a SAFE ZONE to our golfers and staff. Since January 2020, we have been applying several new standards in operation to keep safe and clean environment for both Front of house and Back of house. 

We would like to encourage all golfers to follow our cautions as following: 


  • We encourage you not to use locker room if not necessary, you can let the Front Office know and not get the Locker Key in this case. 
  • We encourage you to choose the seating area with open air and let people if you want to rest in Clubhouse area.
  • We encourage you to settle “contactless” payment by bank transfer or taking advantages of your near-field communication smart cards (keep your card near the machine instead of giving it physically to the Cashier).
  • We encourage you to carefully choose the partners to play with and request our staff to arrange an individual cart for you, we will always supply if possible. The cart will be disinfected right after each use by chemical and cleanser, then it will be disinfected one more time before you get in.





To ensure the safe environment for our golfers and staff, the Club may stop providing the service when in doubt. 

We hope for your understanding and coordination!


For reservations & others: +84 (0) 235 3 941942 | Email: info@montgomerielinks.com 

Happy Golfing!


The Club Management Board

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June 02, 2023

Posted by My Ly

Montgomerie Links là một Câu Lạc Bộ Gôn mang đến môi trường chơi gôn và nghỉ dưỡng lành mạnh với cơ sở vật chất và tiêu chuẩn dịch vụ Quốc tế. Những nội quy hoạt động Gôn dưới đây được đưa ra bởi Ban quản lý sân gôn với mong muốn đảm bảo an toàn, và đề cao trải nghiệm của Khách hàng. 
Montgomerie Links is a golf club that offers a premium experience with international standards of facilities and service. The following Golf Course Rules are given by the Golf Course Management with the desire to ensure safety and enhance the Guests' experience. 

Montgomerie Links is sincerely grateful for your trust and support over the past time. To ensure a great experience, full of fun and without any inconvenience, when you come to play and stay at Montgomerie Links, please carefully read and follow some general regulations of the golf club.

The world is waiting for you and we are waiting too. Here is the information you should know to plan your games. Please read it carefully to avoid any unexpected circumstances.