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Newsletter June 2021

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To maintain the excellent quality of golf course, we have the Green Coring annually schedule. For your information, Green Coring is a golf course maintenance term that refers to the process through which greens (and sometimes fairways) are aerated. The process of aeration is a course maintenance technique that loosens the soil, opens up growing room for grass roots and helps air, moisture & nutrients get to the roots.

The golf course will have some restrictions followed our Green Coring schedule  from 21st to 25th June & 5th to 8th July in 2021. Please see below the detail schedule and all efforts will be made to keep as close to this schedule as possible. Thank you for your understanding in this matter and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.


  • Monday, 21st June – Friday, 25th June: All par 3 holes will be cored and 16A  will be used at this time with 18 holes available daily (Golf Operation or Receptionist will inform which hole number will be close  on that day)
  • Monday, 5th July & Tuesday, 6th July: Hole No.1 to No. 9 will be closed all day & Hole No.10 to No.18 will be open as normal
  • Wednesday, 7th July & Thursday, 8th July: Hole No.10 to No.18 will be closed all day & Hole No.1 to No.9 will be open as normal
  • Friday, 9th July: All 18 holes are open as normal.

During 5th & 6thJuly, all 18-hole booking will be played Hole No.10 and No.18 twice and 7th & 8th July all 18-hole booking will be played Hole No.1 and No.9 twice.

The golf course condition will be improving day by day, we expect the course will be completely in good condition after 1 week after the Coring.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions that you may have.

T: +84 235 3941942